Building Clean Environments

Lead paint abatement is our specialty. We are a certified deleading contractor in Massachusetts fully licensed to conduct high risk lead paint abatement. We are also certified by the EPA as a lead safe renovation firm.

As a high risk deleading contractor, we are licensed and specially insured to abate all lead paint conditions in residential and commercial buildings. In addition, our builders and craftsman perform renovation, restoration and addition work for total project solutions with or without remediation work.

Laws, regulations and safety practices can be confusing for building owners and occupants. Each remediation project is unique. We work with our clients to guide them through the abatement process and help them to better understand their options with regard to immediate and long term project needs. Almost all lead paint abatement projects require a combination of methods to ensure a legal "Letter of Compliance" is obtained for the owner. We will analyze your property to provide a proposal which meets all local, State and Federal compliance and safety standards.

Quality craftsmanship. Restoration with specialty moldings or historical features are not a problem. Let us show you how we can remove toxins from your structure while restoring the beauty of architectural detail.

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